Dynamics 365

A business works as a human brain, it identifies opportunities and reacts accordingly. The different parts within a business have to work seamlessly together to achieve maximum result. Microsoft™ Dynamics 365 breaks the traditional business applications and empowers users to perform their best work. It improves the way teams communicate and how they service customers. The combination of cloud based CRM and ERP solutions together with Office 365, SharePoint, Power BI, Cortana intelligence (AI), Microsoft Flow and PowerApps make the software a total game changer for making your digital transformation a reality.

We at DAXperience have the expertise to support your business with the installation, upgrade and operational maintenance of Dynamics 365. Together we make your business more instinctive in a world that is constantly changing.


Dynamics 365 implementation

Make your digital transformation a reality and ensure a smooth transition. #Company growth

Upgrade to
Dynamics 365

Upgrade your existing CRM and ERP business applications to Dynamics 365.
#Future proof

Maintenance & SUPPORT

Maintain and support your current installation(s) with minimal effort.

Operational Excellence

Make sure everything is performing as intended from an IT and business perspective. #Efficient operations

how does it work?

Dynamics 365 is build up in a modular way where each module can integrate seamlessly with another.
This allows you to select only the modules you need to best serve your business.

ADVANTAGES OF Dynamics 365


Dynamics 365 is a cloud based enterprise CRM and ERP system. You  can access it from anywhere, on any internet/browser capable device offering maximum flexibility towards the end-user.


Dynamics 365 improves productivity with its familiar user experience and by seamlessly integrating with Office 365. With the unified user experience for your finance and operations and customer relationships, you can outperform your competitors with ease. 


Power BI, Cortana Intelligence and Azure Machine Learning are all natively embedded in Dynamics 365. These technologies offer intuitive front-end reporting and predictive capabilities that help you gain more insights in trends based on large datasets.


Dynamics 365 gives you the capability to interact with various external datasources. This gives you comprehensive insights in your connected systems and allows you to use that data in your business processes.


Dynamics 365’s architecture brings you affordable modular and infrastructural scalability. It allows you to only use the modules you need, growing with you should your business processes expand. Its cloud based infrastructure allows you to scale up without the hassle of maintaining an IT structure.


The Dynamics 365 flexible subscription model together with its modular architecture allows for an attractive pricing structure. You only pay for what you need, when you need it. Its cloud based infrastructure removes the need to manage your own data centre and IT structure, which can lead to significant savings