oprerational excellence

Operational Excellence

How do we approach a Dynamics 365 implementation

You have a Dynamics ERP system up-and-running which is helping your team to perform their daily tasks in a more proficient way. However during the lifecycle of your ERP system, a number of challenges may arise that have an impact on human and system performance. We offer a set of tools and skills to maintain a high performance level or boost a degraded one, focused on both the human and system factors. We help you to have a predictable, sustainable service at a high level by monitoring and finetuning your configuration.

System performance

Performance audit

The DAXperience profiler toolkit will give you insights in your specific performance problems. The profiler will generate a report on performance improvements and what results can be expected from these improvements.

Health check​

We’ll run our checkllists to analyse your platform setup and gain the necessary insights into the entire configuration and setup of the application. As a result, we provide you with a set of enhancements that can be applied to improve your platform.


Looking to secure the access in your Dynamics application with specific user roles and enforce control policies? We’ve got the experience to setup security roles from scratch and to guide you in the segregation of duties in Dynamics 365.

Business transition

Review customization​

Do you want to make more use of the standard processes Dynamics 365 has to offer to get rid of unnecessary customizations? Or do you want to understand the complexity of your customized setup? We’ll screen your Dynamics solution for best practices and development standards of any customization. Once we have the insight in your customized business processes, we can perform a mapping to the standard available processes to see where customized processes can be transformed to standard ones.

Business readiness

Having troubles to get your business processes aligned? With our experience in workshops with the businesses/key users, we know how to guide businesses in order to make as much use as possible of the standard options and to fulfill the expectations.

Training and coaching​

Need some help in getting your users up to speed in using your solution? Our consultants will guide you through this and provide you with training sessions that include hands-on demos & exercises to get to know the ins and outs in no time.

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Dynamics 365 implementation

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Upgrade to
Dynamics 365

Upgrade your existing CRM and ERP business applications to Microsoft Dynamics 365.
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Maintenance &

Maintain and support your current installation(s) with minimal effort.