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DAXperience is your excellent service partner to maintain your existing operating systems and support you to the future. We keep your systems running, we do the handling of bugs and features with several ticket management systems and we provide you with both functional and technical knowledge to set everything right from the start.

Ticket management system

We have experience in working with different ticket management systems to report questions, incidents and new features. We know what information is needed to follow-up progress and generate KPI(s) which can be used to report to the different stakeholders.

Impact assessment

Additional features can bring a lot of value to the business, but at what cost? With our impact assessments, we will provide you with the insights into the benefits and costs associated with every customization.

Release management

With an agile approach, we can deliver fixes and enhancements at short notice while you can set & change the priorities going along to serve the business at their desire. Our automated process can be run on a daily basis to guarantee the quality and planning of a release.
  • Making use of the SCRUM methodology to be able to provide you with software releases that have a short lead time.
  • Manage software releases and install them onto your platform with our automated technology.


We can help you out in defining & executing test cases. We have experience in the set up of automated tests and regressions packs to be run on every release to make sure your end-2-end processes are not harmed with any modification.


A clear structure and continuous follow-up will lead to fast resolvement. We make interactive dashboards available to allow you to keep an eye on the progress of a single feature, a new release or an entire test run at all times.

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