EBL go-live

EBL go-live

What an achievement from our team. EBL successfully went live on 9 May.

DAXperience was part of the go-live success at EBL for the implementation of a single integrated energy and utilities ERP system, built on top of Microsoft Dynamics AX. The system is used throughout the organization for Meter Data Management, Customer Management and Billing, in conjunction with the standard AX modules HR, Project Management, Inventory Management, Finance, Purchasing, and Sales and Marketing.

The project implementation started in April 2015 with the conception phase and a planned go live in January 2016. After some unmet challenges during the project phase, DAXperience was called on in early 2016 for assistance. We resolved arduous technical, architectural, migration and performance issues with close regard to quality assurance. Together with our energy and utilities knowledge, we managed to close the gap between business and IT and successfully helped EBL go live.

Our status as an independent party gave us the opportunity to pinpoint key issues, raise them, and come up with qualitative solutions in a timely manner.

In view of EBL’s ambition to be a leading innovator in the market and the Swiss energy and utility market looking likely to be deregulated by 2023, DAXperience is looking forward to perform more work here in the future. #Ferranti #Accenture #EBL



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